Sometimes, you can’t tell people exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Not because they’ll copy or hate, but because they honestly won’t understand & just might deem you a fool. And you know what? sometimes, you have to be looked upon as the consummate fool, the big dreamer, the the man with outlandish wishes. You might be a bit broke for a minute. You might not have a leg to stand on for a short while. You might end up arguing, doubting, even beating up on yourself. BUT … Being a child of GOD … Sometimes, you honestly just have to attempt something so outlandish that no one but GOD can get you there. And I ain’t talking about some petty mess that you honestly could just sit down and accomplish on a regular day in a regular life. No, I’m talking about everyone that knows you knows there’s NO way that you could honestly achieve something so ridiculously vast without the supreme power of GOD.

So, this is me, letting you all know that I plan on making 6 figures by the end of this year. Out of darn near nothing. Yup.